`swift` code snippets in swift

a code block to make my team redundant in swift
an app that will finally make me happy in swift
calculate entropy in swift
convert australian western time to gmt in swift
convert pacific time to eastern time in swift
core data in swift
create a button that animates when you tap on it in swift
create a journaling app where you can write notes and save them once you close the app, allow to edit the note and cancel it in swift
create a kickball game in swift
create a network call in swift
create a tableview displaying the flags of countries in eu in swift
create a ui collection view with ten items that dynamically changes in size in swift
create a uiview with a red background color and set it’s centerxanchor to another uiview with blue background color in swift
create a view with a clickable person logo at the header on the right, and three clickable buttons in the footer in swift
create swipe functionality similar to tinder in swift
detect text in imported video file in swift
download an image and display it with loading state in swift
draw a cube in 3d in swift
find the largest value in a map in swift
find the name of a csv file in swift
find the path of a file in swift
geolocalise use in swift
get google stock price in swift
give me a button that searches the internet for the results based on user input in swift
how the little girl so much in swift
how to get girls to talk to me in swift
insert data into plist in swift
make a rounded circle in swift with diameter of 80 in swift
return json in a vapor http server in swift
where are my parents in swift

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