define a struct depicting a car, with a brand, model and year properties, as well as a beep function that prints “beep” into the console in swift

struct Car {
    let brand: String
    let model: String
    let year: Int
    func beep() {

let myCar = Car(brand: "Toyota", model: "Corolla", year: 2020)
myCar.beep()  // prints "beep" to the console
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In the example above, we define a struct Car, which has three properties: brand and model are of type String, and year is of type Int. We also define a beep function that just prints "beep" to the console.

We create an instance of the Car struct with the let myCar = Car(brand: "Toyota", model: "Corolla", year: 2020) statement, passing in the brand, model, and year as arguments to the initializer. Finally, we call the beep function on the myCar instance with myCar.beep(), which prints "beep" to the console.

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