accessible listbox component in typescript

To make a listbox component accessible in TypeScript, you can use the Accessibility Object Model (AOM) and the Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) specification. ARIA provides a set of attributes and roles that you can use to improve the accessibility of web applications. Here is an example of how to implement an accessible listbox component in TypeScript:

import { ListBox } from 'aria-listbox';

const listBox = new ListBox(document.getElementById('listbox'));

// Set ARIA attributes and roles
listBox.containerNode.setAttribute('role', 'listbox');
listBox.optionNodes.forEach((node) => {
  node.setAttribute('role', 'option');

// Add event listeners
listBox.addEventListener('select', (event) => {
  const selectedOption = event.detail as HTMLElement;
  // Do something with the selected option

listBox.addEventListener('focus', (event) => {
  const focusedOption = event.detail as HTMLElement;
  // Do something when an option is focused

listBox.addEventListener('blur', () => {
  // Do something when the listbox loses focus

// Initialize the listbox
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In this example, we import the ListBox class from the aria-listbox package, which provides a set of helper methods for implementing an accessible listbox component. We create a new instance of the ListBox class and pass the container element as a parameter. We then set the ARIA attributes and roles for the container element and each option element. Finally, we add event listeners for the select, focus, and blur events, and initialize the listbox with the initialize() method.

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