clone git repository in typescript

To clone a Git repository in TypeScript, you first need to have Git installed on your computer. Once Git is installed, you can use the command-line interface, typically Terminal, to clone a Git repository.

Here's an example of how to clone a Git repository using the git command in TypeScript:

import { exec } from 'child_process';

const repoUrl = '';

exec(`git clone ${repoUrl}`, (error, stdout, stderr) => {
   if (error) {
       console.error(`exec error: ${error}`);

   console.log(`stdout: ${stdout}`);
   console.warn(`stderr: ${stderr}`);
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In this example, you would replace with the URL for the Git repository you want to clone. The git clone command creates a copy of the repository in your current directory.

The TypeScript code above uses the child_process module's exec method to run the git command. The exec function takes a command as the first argument, and a callback function as the second argument. The error, stdout, and stderr variables represent the result of the command.

Once you run the TypeScript code, you should see the cloned Git repository in your current directory.

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