how to use the curry function from the lodash library in typescript

To use the curry function from the lodash library in TypeScript, you first need to install the lodash library from npm:

npm install --save lodash
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Once you have installed lodash, you can import the curry function and use it like this:

import { curry } from 'lodash';

function add(a: number, b: number, c: number) {
  return a + b + c;

const curriedAdd = curry(add);

// Usage
console.log(curriedAdd(1)(2)(3)); // 6
console.log(curriedAdd(1, 2)(3)); // 6
console.log(curriedAdd(1)(2, 3)); // 6
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In this example, we have defined a simple add function that takes three arguments and returns their sum. We then pass this function to the curry function to create a new function that can be partially applied.

The curry function returns a new function that takes one argument at a time until all arguments are received, at which point it calls the original function. We can call the partially applied function with parentheses after each argument, or use the curriedAdd(1, 2)(3) syntax to pass in all arguments at once.

Note that the TypeScript type checker may not be able to infer the correct types for the partially applied function returned by curry. In this case, you can use type annotations to specify the types of the parameters and return values.

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