how to use the delay function from the underscore library in typescript

To use the delay function from the Underscore library in Typescript, you will need to first install the Underscore package via npm using the following command in a terminal:

npm install underscore
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After installation, you can then use the delay function in your Typescript code like this:

import * as _ from 'underscore';

// Define a function to be called after a delay of 2 seconds
const delayedFunction = () => {
  console.log('Function executed after 2 seconds');

// Call the delay function to execute the function after 2 seconds
_.delay(delayedFunction, 2000); // 2000 represents the delay time in milliseconds
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In the above example, we imported the Underscore library using the import statement and then defined a function called delayedFunction. We then passed this function and the desired delay time (in milliseconds) to the _.delay function to execute it after a delay of 2 seconds.

Note: Don't forget to include the Underscore library in your project via a script tag in your HTML file or a module loader like RequireJS, if you are not using a build system to package your Typescript files.

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