how to use the invert function from the lodash library in typescript

To use the invert function from the Lodash library in TypeScript, first install the Lodash library:

npm install lodash
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Then, import the function and use it as follows:

import { invert } from 'lodash';

interface MyObject {
  [key: string]: string | number;

const myObject: MyObject = { a: 1, b: '2', c: 3 };
const invertedObject = invert(myObject);
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By default, the invert function expects an object with string values. However, you can use a type definition to support objects with keys of a specific type. In this example, we use an interface MyObject with a string key and either a string or number value.

Note that the invert function creates a new object with the keys and values swapped, so the resulting object has the previous values as keys and the previous keys as values.

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