how to use the isnan function from the lodash library in typescript

You can use the isNaN function from the Lodash library in TypeScript by first installing the library:

npm install --save lodash
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Then you can import the isNaN function and use it in your TypeScript code as follows:

import * as _ from 'lodash';

const myVar: number = 4;
const isNan: boolean = _.isNaN(myVar);

console.log(isNan); // Output: false
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Here, we import the entire Lodash library with the wildcard * as _ syntax. Then, we declare a variable myVar of type number and assign it a value of 4.

Next, we call the _.isNaN function with myVar as the argument, and assign the result to a boolean variable isNan.

Finally, we log the value of isNan to the console, which should output false.

Note that we can use TypeScript type annotations to ensure that myVar is of type number, and that isNan is of type boolean.

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