how to use the issafeinteger function from the lodash library in typescript

To use the isSafeInteger function from the lodash library in TypeScript, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Import the required function from lodash library using the import statement:
import { isSafeInteger } from 'lodash';
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  1. You can now use the isSafeInteger function in your TypeScript code. Here is an example of how to use it:
let num1: number = 42;
let num2: string = '42';

console.log(isSafeInteger(num1)); // Output: true
console.log(isSafeInteger(num2)); // Output: false
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In this code example, we declare two variables num1 and num2. num1 has a valid integer value and num2 has an invalid integer value as a string. We use the isSafeInteger function to check if each of the variables has a safe integer value.

Note that TypeScript provides type annotations, which help ensure that you provide the correct argument types expected by the function.

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