how to use the linksync function from the fs-extra library in typescript

To use the linkSync function from the fs-extra library in TypeScript, you need to install both the fs-extra and @types/fs-extra packages:

npm install --save fs-extra @types/fs-extra
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Once the packages are installed, you can import the linkSync function and use it in your TypeScript code as follows:

import * as fs from 'fs-extra';

fs.linkSync('/path/to/source', '/path/to/destination');
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This code will create a hard link between the specified source and destination files. The linkSync function returns undefined on success and throws an error if the operation fails.

In addition to linkSync, the fs-extra library provides many other useful functions for working with the file system in Node.js, and the @types/fs-extra package provides TypeScript typings for these functions.

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