how to use the memoize function from the lodash library in typescript

The memoize function from the Lodash library is a great way to cache expensive function calls to improve performance. Here's how you can use it in TypeScript:

First, you'll need to install Lodash and its types using npm:

npm install lodash @types/lodash
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Then, you can import the memoize function from Lodash and use it to wrap your function:

import { memoize } from 'lodash';

function myExpensiveFunction(arg1: string, arg2: number): string {
  // ... expensive computation ...
  return result;

const memoizedFunc = memoize(myExpensiveFunction);
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The memoize function takes your function as an argument and returns a new function that caches the results of previous calls. Subsequent invocations of the memoized function with the same arguments will return the cached result instead of recomputing it.

By default, memoize uses a simple cache object that stores results as key-value pairs. If your function takes complex or large arguments, you may want to use a custom cache implementation to avoid memory leaks. Check out the Lodash documentation for more details.

Overall, using memoize is a simple way to optimize your code and reduce unnecessary computation.

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