how to use the topairsin function from the lodash library in typescript

To use the topairsin function from the Lodash library in TypeScript, you must first install the library in your project:

npm install lodash
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Once installed, you can import the function into your TypeScript file like this:

import { toPairsIn } from "lodash";
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The toPairsIn function returns an array of key-value pairs representing the enumerable properties of an object, including properties inherited from its prototypes. Here is an example:

class Animal {
  protected isMammal = true;
  protected legs: number;

  constructor(legs: number) {
    this.legs = legs;

  getLegs() {
    return this.legs;

class Cat extends Animal {
  private color: string;

  constructor(legs: number, color: string) {
    this.color = color;

  meow() {

  getColor() {
    return this.color;

const cat = new Cat(4, "black");

// Output:
// [
//   ["isMammal", true],
//   ["legs", 4],
//   ["color", "black"],
//   ["meow", [Function: meow]],
//   ["getColor", [Function: getColor]],
//   ["constructor", [Function: Cat]],
//   ["getLegs", [Function: getLegs]],
//   ["toString", [Function: toString]],
//   ...
// ]
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In this example, we define two classes Animal and Cat. Cat extends Animal and adds a color property and a meow method. We then create an instance of Cat and pass it to toPairsIn, which returns an array of key-value pairs representing all of the object's properties, including inherited properties such as isMammal and getLegs.

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