how to use the toplainobject function from the lodash library in typescript

The toplainobject function from the lodash library can be used in typescript with the help of the lodash typescript type definitions.

First, install the @types/lodash package using npm:

npm install --save-dev @types/lodash
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Then, import the toplainobject function and use it in your code:

import { toPlainObject } from 'lodash';

interface ExampleInterface {
  a: string;
  b: number;

const exampleObject: ExampleInterface = {
  a: 'Hello',
  b: 123

const plainObject = toPlainObject(exampleObject); // Returns { a: 'Hello', b: 123 }
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In this example, toPlainObject takes an object of type ExampleInterface and returns a plain object with the same key-value pairs.

Note that the @types/lodash package provides type definitions for the entire lodash library, so you can use other lodash functions in your typescript code with type safety.

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