how to use the updatewith function from the lodash library in typescript

To use the updateWith function from the Lodash library in TypeScript, you first need to import it from the library.

Here is an example of using the updateWith function to update a nested object in TypeScript:

import { updateWith } from 'lodash';

// Example nested object
const initialObj = {
  id: 1,
  name: 'John Doe',
  details: {
    age: 30,
    address: {
      street: '123 Main St',
      city: 'Anytown',
      state: 'CA',

// Function to update nested object using Lodash updateWith
const newObj = updateWith(initialObj, 'details.address.state', value => value.toUpperCase(), Object);

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In the above example, we import the updateWith function from the Lodash library. We then define an initial object with nested properties, and we use the updateWith function to update the "state" property of the "address" property. We pass in a callback function to modify the "state" value to be uppercase. Finally, we log the updated object to the console.

Note that updateWith is a functional programming concept, meaning it returns a new object rather than modifying the existing one in place.

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