remmove unsafe strings from http request and return as html in typescript

To remove unsafe strings from http request and return as html in TypeScript, you can use a library like DOMPurify to sanitize and clean the input data.

Here's an example of how it can be done:

import DOMPurify from 'dompurify';

function sanitizeInput(input: string): string {
  return DOMPurify.sanitize(input);

app.get('/user/:id', (req: Request, res: Response) => {
  const userId = sanitizeInput(;
  const user = getUserById(userId);
  const safeHtml = sanitizeInput(;
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In the code above, we first import the DOMPurify library. Next, we define a function sanitizeInput that takes an input string and returns a sanitized string.

In our GET endpoint, we first sanitize the userId parameter using sanitizeInput. Next, we get the user object from the database and sanitize the bio attribute to ensure it is safe to render as HTML.

Finally, we return the safeHtml as the response to the client. Note that we wrap the safeHtml with <h1> tags to ensure it is rendered as a heading.

By using a library like DOMPurify, we can prevent any malicious scripts from being executed on the client side and ensure our web application is secure.

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