return news for a given date as rss feed in typescript

To return news for a given date as RSS feed in TypeScript, you can follow these steps:

  1. Use the Node.js http module or a library like axios to make an HTTP request to the news source's RSS feed URL.
  2. Parse the returned XML data using a library like xml2js, which can convert the XML data to a JavaScript object.
  3. Extract the articles from the JavaScript object that have a publication date matching the input date.
  4. Use a library like rss to generate an RSS feed XML string containing the matching articles.
  5. Serve the generated RSS feed string as the HTTP response to the client.

Here's an example TypeScript function that implements these steps:

import http from 'http';
import { parseString } from 'xml2js';
import { RSS } from 'rss';

function getNewsForDate(date: string): Promise<string> {
  const rssUrl = '';

  return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    // Make HTTP request to RSS feed URL
    http.get(rssUrl, (res) => {
      let rssData = '';
      res.on('data', (chunk) => {
        rssData += chunk;
      res.on('end', () => {
        // Parse XML data to a JavaScript object
        parseString(rssData, (err, result) => {
          if (err) {
          } else {
            // Filter articles by publication date
            const matchingArticles =[0].item.filter((item: any) => {
              return item.pubDate[0].startsWith(date);

            // Generate RSS feed XML string
            const feed = new RSS({
              title: 'News for ' + date,
              feed_url: rssUrl,
              site_url: rssUrl,
            matchingArticles.forEach((article: any) => {
                title: article.title[0],
                description: article.description[0],
                date: article.pubDate[0],
            const feedXml = feed.xml();

    }).on('error', (err) => {
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You can call this function with a date string in the format "YYYY-MM-DD" (e.g. "2022-01-01") to get an RSS feed XML string containing news articles published on that date.

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