call a getter on an instance of a class in swift

To call a getter on an instance of a class in Swift, you need to use dot syntax to access the property. When you define a property with a getter, you do not need to explicitly declare a function; the getter is provided automatically. Here is an example:

class MyClass {
    var myProperty: String {
        return "Hello, world!"

let instance = MyClass()
let propertyValue = instance.myProperty // this calls the getter and assigns the value to propertyValue
print(propertyValue) // Output: "Hello, world!"
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In this example, we have a class called MyClass with a property called myProperty that returns a string. When we create an instance of this class, we can call the getter on the instance using dot syntax (instance.myProperty). This will return the string "Hello, world!", which we then assign to propertyValue and print to the console.

Note that if you try to assign a value to a property with only a getter defined, you will get a compile-time error. Getters are read-only; to be able to modify a property's value, you need to define a setter.

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