find the volume of a pyramid in swift

To find the volume of a pyramid in Swift, you will need to use the following formula:

V = (1/3) * b * h
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Where V is the volume of the pyramid, b is the base area of the pyramid, and h is the height of the pyramid.

Here's the Swift code to find the volume of a pyramid:

let baseLength = 10.0 // length of the base
let baseWidth = 8.0 // width of the base
let height = 5.0 // height of the pyramid

let baseArea = baseLength * baseWidth
let volume = (1/3) * baseArea * height

print("The volume of the pyramid is: \(volume)")
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In this code, we first define the baseLength, baseWidth, and height of the pyramid. We then calculate the baseArea by multiplying the baseLength and baseWidth. Finally, we use the formula to calculate the volume of the pyramid and print it to the console.

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