how do you determine if a string is a palindrome in swift

To determine if a string is a palindrome in Swift, one approach is to compare the string with its reverse.

Here's the code that uses this algorithm:

func isPalindrome(_ str: String) -> Bool {
    let reversed = String(str.reversed())
    return str == reversed
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The isPalindrome function takes a string as a parameter and returns a boolean value indicating whether the string is a palindrome.

Inside the function, we use the reversed() method of String to get a reversed version of the input string. Then we create a new string with the reversed characters and assign it to the reversed constant.

Finally, we compare the original string (str) with the reversed string (reversed) and return true if they match, or false if they don't.

Here's an example usage of the function:

let str = "racecar"
if isPalindrome(str) {
    print("\(str) is a palindrome")
} else {
    print("\(str) is not a palindrome")
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The output of this code will be "racecar is a palindrome".

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