create a blake2b hash from a string in typescript

To create a Blake2b hash from a string in TypeScript, first we need to import the crypto library that comes with Node.js. Then we can use the createHash() method to create a hash object, and finally we can call the update() method on the hash object to add the string we want to hash, and the digest() method to get the resulting hash in binary format.

Here's an example code snippet that demonstrates how to create a Blake2b hash from a string in TypeScript:

import * as crypto from 'crypto';

function createBlake2bHash(str: string): string {
  const blake2bHash = crypto.createHash('blake2b512');
  return blake2bHash.digest('hex');

const myString = 'Hello, world!';
const myHash = createBlake2bHash(myString);
console.log(myHash); // output: 4726e4f6ee54d6b852c7220be1f42a14f40c04dcaa7cf67f03b513da8e164c1380a2379022c69aaa9a9d27e75fd9099982067c343e00fe39fcc8d97aa3b34e7f
445 chars
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In this example, the createBlake2bHash function takes a string as input, creates a blake2b512 hash object, updates it with the input string, and then returns the resulting hash as a hexadecimal string.

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