find the volume of a cube in typescript

To find the volume of a cube in TypeScript, we can use the formula V = a^3, where a is the length of one side of the cube. We can implement this formula in TypeScript as follows:

function cubeVolume(sideLength: number): number {
  const volume = Math.pow(sideLength, 3);
  return volume;

const sideLength = 5;
const volume = cubeVolume(sideLength);
console.log(`The volume of a cube with side length ${sideLength} is ${volume}`);
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In this code, we define a function cubeVolume that takes as input the side length of the cube, calculates the volume using the Math.pow function to raise the side length to the power of 3, and then returns the volume.

We then define a variable sideLength with the value 5, and call the cubeVolume function with this value. Finally, we log a message to the console that displays the calculated volume.

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