parse jwt tokens in typescript

To parse a JWT token in TypeScript, you'll need to install the jsonwebtoken module:

npm install jsonwebtoken
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Then you can use it like this:

import jwt from 'jsonwebtoken';

const token = '';
const secret = '';

try {
  const decoded = jwt.verify(token, secret);
  console.log(decoded); // { id: '1234', username: 'john.doe' }
} catch (error) {
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In the example above, we're using the verify method from the jsonwebtoken module to decode the token. The method takes two arguments: the token itself, and the secret key used to sign the token. If the token is valid and the secret is correct, the verify method will return an object with the decoded information. If the token is invalid, an error will be thrown.

Once you have the decoded information, you can use it to authenticate the user and authorize access to the requested resource.

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