replace a character in a string in typescript

To replace a character in a string in typescript, you can use the replace() method that is available in Javascript's string object.

The replace() method returns a new string with some or all matches of a pattern replaced by a replacement. In this case, we'll use it to replace a single character with another.

Here's an example code snippet:

let myString = "Hello, world!";
myString = myString.replace(',', '-');
console.log(myString); // output: "Hello- world!"
121 chars
4 lines

In this example, we replace the comma (,) with a dash (-) in the myString variable. We then assign the new string to myString and log it to the console.

Note that the replace() method replaces only the first occurrence of the pattern. If you want to replace all occurrences, you can use regular expressions or a loop to call replace() multiple times.

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