how to get error in llvm console in swift

To get error messages in the LLVM console in Swift, you can use error handling and debugging techniques.

Swift has built-in support for error handling, which allows you to gracefully handle errors that may occur at runtime. Error handling in Swift is done using do-catch blocks. You can use this to catch any errors that occur and print them to the console.

Here is an example of how you can use error handling to print an error message to the LLVM console:

do {
    // your code here
} catch {
    print("Error: \(error)")
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Additionally, you can use Swift's built-in debugging tools to print more detailed information about the error. For example, you can use the assert() function to print a message if a certain condition is not met.

assert(x > 0, "x must be greater than 0")
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This will print the message "x must be greater than 0" to the console if the condition x > 0 is not met.

Overall, by using error handling and debugging techniques, you can easily identify and solve any errors that occur in your Swift code and print them to the LLVM console.

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