sort a list of people by name in swift

To sort a list of people by name in Swift, you can use the sorted(by:) method of the Array class along with a custom comparison closure that compares the name property of the Person objects.

Here's an example code snippet:

struct Person {
    var name: String
    var age: Int
    // other properties and methods

// create an array of Person objects
var people = [
    Person(name: "Alice", age: 25),
    Person(name: "Charlie", age: 30),
    Person(name: "Bob", age: 20)

// sort the array by name
people.sort { $ < $ }

// print the sorted array
for person in people {
// Output: "Alice", "Bob", "Charlie"
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In this code, we define a Person struct with a name property and an age property. We then create an array of Person objects and use the sort() method to sort the array by name. The sorting closure $ < $ compares the name properties of two Person objects, and returns true if the first person's name is less than the second person's name. Finally, we loop through the sorted array and print the name property of each Person object in the sorted order.

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