ask edu how he is doing in swift

To ask Edu how he is doing in Swift, you can declare a function that takes in Edu's name as a parameter and outputs a message to the console. Here's some sample code that demonstrates this:

func askHowEduIsDoing(name: String?) {
  if let eduName = name {
    print("Hey \(eduName), how are you doing in Swift?")
  } else {
    print("Please provide Edu's name as a parameter")

// Sample usage
askHowEduIsDoing(name: "Eduardo")
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In this code, we declare a function called askHowEduIsDoing that takes in an optional string parameter name. We then use optional binding to unwrap the name parameter and assign it to the constant eduName. If name is nil, we output an error message to the console.

Assuming we provide Eduardo as the name parameter, this code will output the following message to the console:

Hey Eduardo, how are you doing in Swift?
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